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 At Cookware Junkies, we meticulously test a wide array of kitchen products, ranging from cutting-edge smart gadgets to everyday essentials like knives and pans. Each item is put through an extensive testing process in our kitchen, ensuring that we provide you with honest, unbiased, and detailed reviews. 

Ceramic knives have been around for years. They’re sold at checkout isles, on infomercials and claim to remain razor sharp. We stack these ceramic knives against equally priced steel knives.

Does it make sense to have a dedicated pan taking up space in your cabinet just for omelette making?
Here are our thoughts after testing a dozen pans.

A meat thermometer is a the most important tool when it comes to healthy eating. Afterall, guests get upset if you kill them by undercooking chicken. In this test we search for the most reliable and valued thermometer.

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About Us

When it comes to upgrading your kitchenware we’re here to give you the data you need to decide which product, brand, and model is best for your home and the way you cook. We’re your source for real reviews conducted through real testing. All our product recommendations, rankings, and ratings are as a result of thorough product testing. It’s not all work and no play though — we have loads of fun with each test series. Thank you for supporting our full-time hobby turned profession. 

Top Test Kitchen Topics:

Just the basics

Everyday kitchen tools are the foundation of your cooking tool bag. These items are often taken for granted but we know they are key to everyday cooking. Regardless of what’s on the menu, these are the cookware items that make cooking more enjoyable.

Things we love

When it comes to electronics, we know not all devices are created the same. We roundup and examine the latest in cooking technologies. There’s nothing worse than a cooking gadget that’s supposed to make life easier only to find it does the opposite. Before you buy your next egg-and-muffin toaster, check our reviews.

Various appliances

Do you really need a device that hard-boils an egg? We jump in to discover the answer to questions like this an many others regarding traditional and modern day appliances. We once reviewed donut makers – what a scam – they can’t all be winners but your appliances can be.

We know knives

There is a big performance gap between a cheap knife and an expensive one. This is why people who cook regularly own good knives. The definition of a good knife does not mean you need to break the bank to upgrade your arsenal. In fact, for some, a handful of ceramic knives and a good chef’s knife will get you through. I’ve seen people spend thousands of dollars on knives they never even use.

We used, tested, and reviewed endless knives to help you find the sweet spot for your needs and budget. If you’ve never spent time to upgrade your knives, start with a chef’s knife. Just like a construction worker owns a good hammer, you should have a solid chef’s knife. Over the years we’ve pieced together a list of our favorite knife brands; this will help narrow down your search if you’re just looking for knife or two.

When it comes time to upgrade your kitchen knife set, it’s best to put together your own collaboration. Since we understand people are looking for simplicity, we have put an extensive writeup on the best kitchen knife sets based on tests we have conducted over the years. 

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Trader Joe’s has a well-rounded cookbook series that takes you through
meals to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We take an in-depth look at each of these cookbooks and provide you with a summary of what you can expect to get out of each one.

For anyone who loves Trader Joe’s, you should own at least one of these
cookbooks to build your shopping list the next time you visit your local TJ’s store.

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Whether you're looking to recreate a classic cheeseburger, master the art of fried chicken, or whip up a batch of tantalizing milkshakes, our expertly curated recipes and detailed guides will help you bring these all-time favorites to life in your kitchen.

 We've tested and fine-tuned each recipe to capture the true essence of Italian fast food, ensuring you can enjoy these delightful treats without leaving home.

Taco Bell to Rubio's tacos and hearty burritos to crispy chimichangas and zesty nachos.


Shared experiences make our lives richer. Sporting events, concerts, movies…and especially meals! We live in a great time where you can fill your shopping cart with food that needs nothing more than to ‘heat and eat’. It is edible, sometimes even good… but we want to take you beyond that.

Our passion is knowing all the ingredients for healthier meals. To use the spice cabinet to make tastier meals. To use cooking techniques that brings out the best in your meals. Going beyond edible, having fun and taking your food to new levels.  That’s what Beyond Edible means to us, and that’s what we’ll share with you here.

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