Top 5 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets Reviews 2018

A home is where your heart and delightful dishes are. One cannot just live without tasty meals. But it cannot be possible without having the right cookware set. You don’t want your food to come out ugly and burnt. So it is very important to pick the best ceramic cookware for all your cooking needs.

Generally, we all know about ceramic cookware if we cook for families. But for those who don’t know, ceramic is a material which is free of PFOA and PTFE and come in different sizes and colors. It is also believed that ceramic cookware lasts shorter than Teflon.  But truth is different. When we cook with cooking spray or oil, both Teflon and ceramic cookware are affected with it.

So, it is important to wipe out all the cooking oil after use. If layers of oil are not cleaned up, it will affect the non-stick properties of ceramic cookware. Since ceramic is a new technology, many changes are often noticed in structure. These days, manufacturers apply more ceramic layers to make coating thicker to increase lifespan.

What is PFOA?

In the older days, ceramic cookware was made with lead. The PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid is basically a chemical which is used to manufacture some consumer goods and cookware. Another chemical component Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE was also used in cookware.

Is there Any Risk with Non Stick Coating?

It is true that there are some negative comments on nonstick coating on cookware. Irrespective of the common belief, both PTFE and PFOA non-stick coatings are safe if they are used properly, according to some research and user experience suggests. So, it is better if you consider the following safety precautions –

  • You can cook food on non-stick cookware safely. There is nothing to worry about. Make sure you cook on low to medium heat and don’t let the heat to exceed 500 deg. F.
  • Never ever preheat an empty ceramic cookware as it overheats faster.
  • Make sure your kitchen is properly ventilated.
  • Even though your cookware is oven safe, never leave it inside the oven for a longer period.
  • Make sure cookware is heavy enough
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning liquid. Clean it with just warm and soapy water

Just stick to the above precautions so non-stick coating won’t affect your health and you can prepare your favorite meals or years.

Why Use Ceramic Cookware?

We cannot use any other metal like cast iron and copper because you cannot cook acidic foods because iron is released on it and food would taste bitter. The metals released from the cookware also discolor your favorite dishes. Even worse, copper is toxic and is not good to cook food.

Though stainless steel is safe and long lasting, but it often burns the food and the burn marks are also tough to remove with soap pads. Instead, it is always better to use ceramic cookware as it is safer than all the other materials.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Cookware

It is the best cookware and has been used over the years. Being a household, we are more concerned about food and veggies. This time, it is also important to choose the best cookware to cook food. Hence, ceramic cookware is free of toxins and chemicals and is FDA approved too. Want to know how? Here are some of its benefits –

  • Non stick cookware don’t need much oil or butter
  • No risk of metals leaching on food
  • No bad taste, smelling on food
  • Results in well-cooked delicious meals that are safe for your body
  • No scratching, toxins, pitting
  • Best toxin-free ceramic cookware
  • Dishwasher safe
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Choosing the Best Ceramic Cookware


Whether you are buying the complete set or one piece, some of the common materials you may choose for cookware are copper, stainless steel, aluminum, hard-anodized aluminum, and cast iron.

Despite being the heaviest and strongest metal of all, cast iron calls for proper seasoning.

Another most durable and hardest cookware you can buy is hard-anodized aluminum. The best part is that it is easy to clean and a lot cheaper than cast iron. You don’t have to season it. It is very durable cookware and anodization restrains the aluminum’s reactivity.

Copper is very costly and stainless steel lies between copper and hard-anodized aluminum. Some of the non-metallic cookware options are enamel, porcelain and ceramic.


Heavy cookware ensures even heat distribution but they are hard to clean. But lighter cookware is not oven safe and food is burned quickly. Light pots are not suitable to cook some food properly. So, it is better to pick nonstick cookware that can resist up to 500 Deg. F. Consider cleaning, storage, performance and durability of cookware.

Easy to Cook

Buy oven safe cookware sets and make sure their handles are not made of wood or plastic. Also read user manual about the maximum temperature it can resist. Don’t exceed maximum temperature.


Many people bought almost any cookware set without worrying about its look in the past. These days, cookware sets come in different designs and colors.

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Are they Induction Compatible?

Induction cooktops are supposed to be the future of modern cooking. So, you should choose cookware which is induction compatible. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic pulses to heat pots and pans. These waves affect the metal at the bottom. Make sure the cookware has iron at the bottom to work on it.

Dishwasher Safe

Nonstick cookware must be easy to release food and cleaning it is a breeze. Be sure to pick nonstick cookware which is dishwasher safe. Also follow the user manual for cleaning instructions.


To be stable, handles may have riveting attachments. But it makes cleaning a bit challenging. Don’t choose handles which are completely metallic. So, it is better to opt for silicone or rubber handles on cookware as they are oven safe.


Glass lids are common in ceramic cookware sets. Make sure it is oven safe and shatter-proof. One can easily see through glass lids and monitor foods. Make sure the lids fit well, can cover pots and pans and are easy to remove.


Generally cookware comes with limited lifetime warranty. But to ensure validity of warranty in wear and tear, be sure to use it as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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Top 5 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets Reviewed

From a 9” fry pan that comes with no lid to complete cookware sets, prices are usually moderate depending upon durability, comfort and cooking experience. We hope you’ve got enough information to make a smart choice. Here is the list of top 5 best ceramic cookware sets handpicked by us –

1. Cook N Home NC-00359 10-Piece Nonstick Ceramic Coating Cookware Set

Cook N Home NC-00359 10-Piece Nonstick Ceramic Coating Cookware Set

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This non-stick cookware set includes 3-quart casserole pot with lid, 1- and 2-quart saucepans with lids, 5-quart Dutch oven with lid, and 8” and 9.5” fry pans. Cookware is usually made of strong aluminum for even heat distribution and conduction and avoids hot spots. Its coating is PFOA-free, PTFE-free, lead- and cadmium-free.

Unlike conventional non-stick coating systems, ceramic coating ensures better scratch resistance and non-stick performance. Nonstick ceramic coating makes it easier to clean and release food and ensures healthy cooking. It has tempered glass lids coupled with steam vent to see food and it fits well on fry pans. It works on electric, gas, halogen, glass, and ceramic but it is not made for induction cooktops and is not dishwasher and oven safe.


  • Made of strong aluminum for even heat conduction
  • Safe for cooking and ensures healthy cooked food
  • Easy to clean
  • Works on almost all cooktops


  • Not suitable for cooking in oven and induction cooktop
  • Not dishwasher safe

2. T-fal C996SE Initiatives 14-Piece Cookware Set

T-fal C996SE Initiatives 14-Piece Cookware Set

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T-fal Initiatives Ceramic Non-Stick ceramic coating cookware set is PFOA-free, PTFE-free and Cadmium-free. It is a dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, and scratch resistant cookware set. It is recyclable, durable, and highly temperature resistant set which is good for poultry and fish, searing meats, and to deliver more evenly, crispy cooked food.

The cookware set is made of heavy-gauge aluminum and it ensures even heating to provide proper cooking. This non-stick cookware ensures great release and it is a good alternative to other cookware sets. The ceramic surface is able to resist up to 570° Fahrenheit of heat. It has oven-safe pan which resists up to 350 degrees F. You can cook food in all cooktops, but it is not induction compatible.


  • Dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, and scratch resistant
  • Durable, recyclable and highly temperature resistant for even heat
  • Good to cook fish and chicken and delivers crispy and well-cooked food
  • Compatible to virtually all cooktops


  • Not compatible for induction cooktop

3. WearEver C943SF Pure Living 15-Piece Cookware Set

WearEver C943SF Pure Living 15-Piece Cookware Set

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The Wearver Pure Living is a safe and high quality non-stick, scratch-resistant cookware with pure ceramic coating. This 15-Pc cookware set is PFOA-free, PTFE-free, and Cadmium free. It is perfect for washing in dishwasher and it is even oven safe. It resists heat up to 750 Deg. F and you can cook healthy food with less oil. Its silicone handles are ergonomically designed for secure and smooth grip.

The handles can resist temperatures around 350 Deg. F. All in all, WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware is an absolute delight in your kitchen and it is best for poultry, fish and searing meats. It delivers well-cooked crisper food. For efficient cooking, it provides almost everything.

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  • Non-stick scratch resistant cookware set made of pure ceramic
  • Safe for cooking variety of meals as it is PTFE-free, PFOA-free and cadmium free
  • It is easy to clean in dishwasher
  • Safe to cook in oven
  • Helps you cook healthy food as it doesn’t need much fat and oil
  • Silicone handles resist heat for easy handling


  • Sometimes food stick in the pans and often get black
  • Need extra care while washing

4. Cuisinart 59-10R Elements 10-Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart 59-10R Elements 10-Piece Cookware Set

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It covers almost everything you need for cooking in this collection of natural non-stick cookware set. It has classics like stockpot, saucepans, and skillets, to manage almost any dish in your recipe book.

This cookware is made of exclusive nano-ceramic technology provides non-stick cooking surface that is smooth enough to release food. It has natural and smooth interior which doesn’t absorb food tastes and stain. It is both PTFE and PFOA free. It is recommended to wash it with hands using a mild detergent to maintain its shine. Use soft sponge or dishcloth to wipe it so they can last for years.


  • Natural, non-stick cookware
  • Covers almost every item for your cooking needs
  • Smooth interior to release food


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Needs extra care for cleaning to ensure long life

5. GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick 14-Piece Cookware Set

GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick 14-Piece Cookware Set

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GreenLife ceramic cookware is both beautiful and ergonomic with Thermolon non-stick ceramic coating for easy and smooth cooking. It is non-toxic and a great heat conductor. It has aluminum body and ceramic interior cooking which makes cleaning stress free. It doesn’t have lead, PFOA, and cadmium. It is a lightweight cookware which ensures proper heat distribution while preventing scorching and burning on hot spots.

The handles are ergonomically designed, smooth and feels cool enough to touch. You can cook, roast, braise, and fry crispy food on it. The cookware distributes heat evenly for uniform cooking. You will get delicious and well-cooked meals by cooking on low to medium temperatures. It won’t release toxic fumes in overheating. It has Thermolon white ceramic coating for even heat distribution so your healthy foods cook faster.

It is not good for induction stoves. Otherwise, you can use them on all stove tops. You can put it in oven as they can resist heat up to 250 Deg. F. and they are also dishwasher safe. Don’t clean it with metal utensils to avoid scratch on inner surface. Instead, use plastic, wood, or hard rubber. Leaving empty pan on hot burner can burn it and never cut food in it.


  • Provides smooth cooking experience with ceramic coating
  • Non toxic cookware which distributes heat evenly
  • Lightweight and safe for cooking food
  • Oven safe and dishwasher safe


  • Not suitable for induction cooktops
  • Need proper care while washing


For quality and best cooking experience, you need to choose the best ceramic cookware. We have handpicked some of the best ceramic cookware sets to give you the best culinary pleasure. We hope, you’ve liked our tips and reviews on best cookware sets to help you in your buying decision.