Best Donut Maker 2018 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Donut Maker 2018 – Buying Guide & Reviews
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A donut is a delicious and sweet baked goodie which is loved by both kids and adults. People across the world enjoy it as a dessert and you can buy donuts on virtually every corner, in supermarkets, bakeries, food stores, and even in fast food and café chains.

If you want to bake delightfully savory and soft donuts at the comfort of your kitchen with less efforts and time, it is recommended to invest in the best donut makers.

These compact kitchen tools can help you make delicious donuts in minutes and surprise all your family and friends with café-worthy donuts.

Donut Maker Buyer’s Guide

Capacity – First of all, you should consider the capacity of donut machine. Some models are designed to make round donuts while some allow making delicious filled donuts and cake pops.

Choose a donut maker with multiple removable panels to try your hands on appetizing sandwiches, crunchy waffles, and finger-licking burgers. Simply add the panel you need and add your ingredients to make a yummy dish. A donut maker can usually bake up to 6 to 12 donuts in each batch according to the donut diameter and dimensions of cooking surface.

Some brands are known to increase capacity but they need to compromise donut size. Be sure to choose one with whom you can make tasty donuts with dia of over 1.5 to 2.25 inches.

Preparation Time – Another important point to consider is cooking time. Everyone likes the hot and delicious freshly-baked, crispy donuts with tangy flavor asap.  A donut maker usually takes 3-5 minutes to turn the dough to the finished product.

The cooking time depends mostly upon the density and composition of dough and amount of browning you need. So, it is worth to take at least a few minutes to heat up your donut maker. There are two heating elements on some models, i.e. on top and bottom. It can save your time turning donuts manually when cooking them.

Usability – Last but not the least, usability is the most important consideration. The key here is to make delicious desserts with least efforts. The coating of the cooking surface affects efficiency and simplicity of the process. You will surely love the benefits that non-stick coating provides to fry donuts with less fat and oil.

So, you can enjoy your favorite donuts and other goodies with low calories and sugar. The coating keeps dough from sticking to the mold. So, you will be able to prepare professional quality donuts at home.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use metallic spatula as it can scratch and damage the non-stick coating and affect its performance.

These days, manufacturers also offer the most creative and safe culinary ideas. They use cutting-edge technology in their units to ensure cozy and safe operation.

Best Buy Donut Maker Reviews For 2018

1. Sunbeam Mini Dessert Maker

Sunbeam Mini Dessert Maker

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Sunbeam Mini Dessert Maker is the best way to make delicious and finger-licking donuts, mini-brownies and pies within minutes. It usually takes an hour or so to whip a dessert for full family treat.

You can now make tasty mini donuts, mini brownies, or mini whoopie pies within less time. Simply pour the batter in one of its dishwasher-safe, non-stick trays, close the lid and you will have six fresh, hot desserts within 8 minutes or so, which will excite your family.

It has three interchangeable dual cooking plates for donut, brownie, and whoopie to cook both edges equally.


  • Great product at best price
  • Easy to use
  • Works very well on different recipes


  • Takes some more space on counter

2. BABYCAKES Mini Donut Maker

BABYCAKES Mini Donut Maker

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Now you can easily prepare four mini donuts with non-stick plates in BABYCAKES Mini Donut Maker. It has anti-skid rubber feet and latching handle for added safety. With BABYCAKES, making donuts at home has not been so easier. Add spray, preheat the oven, pour the batter, bake and done. You can easily pluck the donuts off and clean up the baking plates with a dry cloth. It will be ready for baking when you get a craving next time.


  • Baking plates are non-stick
  • Power indicator lights
  • Easy to make four mini donuts at once


  • Size is small and makes tiny donuts

3. VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker Kit Set

VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker Kit Set

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VonShef 12-hole mini donut electric maker is the best choice for donut lovers. This kitchen gadget is the best choice to bring bakery to your own kitchen. You can easily create delicious desserts in minutes. You can enjoy the fluffy, tasty donuts within minutes.

Whether you love your donuts to be smothered in tasty dark chocolate, completed with fruity icing and sprinkles, or just with dusting of sugar, you can easily create donut of your likes.


  • Make guilt-free healthy donuts within minutes
  • Create 12 hot donuts in one plate to impress your friends and family
  • Easy to fill moulds with non-stick coating


  • Concept is nice but donuts prepared are too small

4. Babycakes Nonstick Coated Donut Maker

Babycakes Nonstick Coated Donut Maker

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With this non-stick coated donut maker from Babycakes, you can enjoy the tasty cake-style donuts at the comfort of your home. You can easily bake up to 6 doughnuts within 4 minutes. You can add your favorite sprinkles and toppings.

This donut maker bakes doughnuts rather than frying. So, you will have healthier, lighter donut every time. You can easily bake and clean it up with non-stick coating. It has different tips and recipes in its user manual to get great baking experience. Some other add-ons are convenient cord wrap, ready and power indicator lights, latching handle, wire cooling rack, and fork tool.


  • Easy to clean up
  • Bake up to 6 fluffy and light mini donuts within 5 minutes
  • Non-stick plates for perfect baking


  • Gets slippery over time

5. Bella Cucina 13466 Donut Maker

Bella Cucina 13466 Donut Maker

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Bella Cucina 13466 donut maker is the best choice to make tasty mini donuts at your home. It doesn’t need deep frying and is very simple to use. It is designed to make seven mini donuts at a time. To add more convenience, it has ready and power light indicator.


  • Easy to clean up
  • Makes seven donuts at once
  • Healthier choice with no deep frying


  • Cooks donuts so fast that they are burnt sometimes

6. Babycakes DN-6 Mini Doughnut Maker

Babycakes DN-6 Mini Doughnut Maker

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With Babycakes DN-6 mini doughnut maker, you can easily bake up to 6 mini doughnuts within 4 minutes. You can bake donuts for healthy eating on its non-stick baking plates. It is also easy to clean up. Another added benefit is its wire cooling rack and fork tool. It has latching handle and convenient cord wrap.


  • You can bake fluffy and light doughnuts for healthy eating
  • It gives best results with non-stick baking plates
  • Easy to cleanup
  • Gives fastest results within four minutes


  • Sometimes need to flip donuts for even browning

7. Chef Buddy Hot Mini Donut Maker

Chef Buddy Hot Mini Donut Maker

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Chef Buddy Hot Mini Donut Maker is your best buddy to make delicious, fresh donuts in your kitchen. You can easily make different recipes, including frosted or glazed donuts or you can make your own delights.

With this donut maker, you will never need to buy unhealthy and oily donuts from the market. It is super easy to clean up with non-stick coating. You can make around 7 donuts at a time and it will let you know once it is ready with indicator lights.


  • Cooks seven 2” donuts
  • Power on indicator light
  • Cool touch handle


  • Prone to scratches and color damages

8. Brentwood TS-250 Appliances Electric Food Maker-Mini Donut Maker

Brentwood TS-250 Appliances Electric Food Maker

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Stop running to your nearest café for donut and make your own at the comfort of your home. Use this 750W mini donut maker from Brentwood to bake healthy donuts without deep fat frying on its non-stick coating. It also comes with power and preheat indicator along with cord wrap. You can easily make seven mini donuts at once.


  • Makes the most delicious donuts
  • Easy to prepare and use
  • Takes only a few minutes to heat up


  • Made only for US customers.
  • Donut is baked too small

9. Betty Crocker BC-2938CO Mini Donut Maker

Betty Crocker BC-2938CO Mini Donut Maker

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Have you got craving for donuts? This mini donut maker from Betty Crocker can bake 7 hot and fresh donuts within few minutes. Ditch the cholesterol urge of fried snacks as this machine can bake donuts rather than frying them. It has non-stick surface for flawless release and golden brown donuts.

Having power-on indicator, temperature-ready indicator and cool touch handle for added convenience; Betty Crocker donut maker has nozzles, spatula, and piping bags for all your needs. Even better, it comes with recipe booklet to experiment with different recipes.


  • Requires less fat and oil for baking
  • Prepares 7 donuts at one time
  • Non stick surface for golden brown donuts


  • Works well but can be messy sometimes when adding too much batter

10. Jarden Sunbeam Donut Maker

Jarden Sunbeam Donut Maker

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Savor the tasty and hot fresh baked donuts with Jarden Sunbeam Donut Maker. It is designed differently in donut shape to look cute. It has ready and warm up lights which indicate that the doughnut maker is heating well. It has non-stick plates for easy cleanup.


  • Easy to use and cleanup
  • Cooks donuts in 6 minutes


  • Donut pan takes up to 30 minutes to heat up


We hope you liked the above list of donut makers which may be best suited for various households. Be sure to know what you want when buying a donut maker. Find out whether you need manual or electric donut maker.

Consider the process of preparation. Will they be deep fried or baked? Considering these things will help you pick the best donut machine.