Top 5 Best Muffin Pan 2018 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Muffin pans are designed to bake evenly sized cakes loved by everyone. These specialized cake pans also help in making cupcakes. If you love both of these desserts, you may want to invest in muffin pans. But all muffin pans are not made similar, despite their looks. So, we have listed the best rated and selling muffin pans that are trusted by customers.

About Muffin Pan

Both muffins and cakes have great long-back past. Hence, muffin pans have their own past which is literally worthwhile. Today, muffin and cupcakes are loved by everyone. There is no lack of types of pans out there to make them. There are different types of muffin pans out there. So, it is not easy to make the right choice without proper knowledge of them.

History of Muffin Pans

Muffin has long back history which dates back to centuries. But cakes in the past were totally different from what we enjoy today. Cakes were a lot like bread. The first advanced baking and first cake was baked in ancient Egypt. Modern iced cakes are supposed to be dated back from the mid 17th century in Europe. Initially, cakes were baked with sugar but still different from modern cakes, according to historians.

The bakers have added fruit and made icing with the mixture of sugar, egg whites, and flavors poured on the cake and it was baked in a glaze. Cake hoop came into practice for baking. It was a circular mold like the one you find these days. Metal, wood, or even paper was used to make these hoops.

Refined flour came into practice in the mid 19th century and baking powder replaced yeast then. This way, cakes became a lot lighter and fluffier. Cake hoops also came into practice in the past.

Muffin Pan Buyer’s Guide

Muffin pan is one of the best kitchen tools widely used these days to make cupcakes, muffins, and other baked items. World’s first muffin pan was believed to be made of galvanized steel. Later on, manufacturers started to use stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and other rustproof materials to make these pans. Over time, many bakers started to look for ease of use. Hence, silicone pans and muffin pans now come with nonstick coating. Now, you can find muffin pans in different yields and sizes according to the needs of bakers.


To make bakery-worthy muffins, it is recommended to use a muffin pan which can hold up to 6, 8, 11, 12, 24, or even 35 muffins and yields 3.5 oz. of batter in each cup. If you want to make mini bite-size muffins, go for muffin pans which yield 2 1/8 oz. of batter and can hold 6, 12, or 24 muffins at a time. Similarly, go for muffin pans with 8 3/16 oz. of yield and 4, 6, or 12 cups of muffins.

Common Problems in Muffin Pans

Usually, muffin pans are made of traditional stainless steel, aluminum or other metals that may stick and you may find it hard to remove muffins off their molds. So, some bakers have to grease their molds with lard, butter, or other fat, while some layer them with wax paper.

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In this day and age of eco-friendly materials and health concerns, paper layers and greasing are strictly avoided. To save more on production costs, paper linings are avoided also because of environmental concerns. It is because food-grade wax papers are made of pure wood pulp. For producing this pulp, thousands of trees are cut. These paper linings are of no use once you eat muffins.

Nonstick Surface – An Alternative

To deal with such concerns, bakers started using non-stick muffin pans. However, the first technology of non-stick coating was introduced a way back around 3000 years ago, when ceramic griddles were used by the Mycenaean Greeks in making bread, in which one side has mini holes to place the dough and one side was smooth.

PTFE Coated Pans

PTFE or poly tetra fluoro ethylene is also known as Teflon coating which is used in modern non-stick cookwares. Teflon is introduced by DuPont. Teflon is highly resistant to heat but it starts melting at 620F.

Later on, PTFE coating have been developed with diamond-reinforced PTFE formula from Swiss Diamond International, non-reinforced non-stick PTFE formulation by Calphalon brand of Newell Rubbermaid, and titanium-reinforced formulation by Scanpan.

Problems with PTFE Coatings

According to the scientific researches, PTFE coatings start to melt at just 392F. It produces a lot of toxic fumes and chemicals like PFOA or per fluoro octanoic acid. PFOA was supposed to be persistent pollutant causing harm to our health and environment. Another major concern is that PTFE coating scrapes off of its surface. It is also likely to get into food. Due to improper cleaning and use, it scrapes off. So, manufacturers recommended using only wood, plastic or any PTFE-coated utensil with these pans. For cleaning, it is recommended to use non-abrasive cleaning tool only.

Alternatives to Teflon (PTFE) Coating

In order to avoid the harmful effects of Teflon coating, various other technologies for nonstick surface were introduced. With these technologies, products are a lot more costly as compared to traditional ones. Some of the common examples are pans with several layers of metal sheets, ceramic-coated pans, pans with sandblasted coating of titanium-ceramic blend, and pans with diamond powder or tourmaline coating. You may also find heavy-gauge steel pans, anodized aluminum, and carbon steel pans.

Cast Iron Pans

If you are worried about sticking food, you may also like cast iron muffin pans. They have slow heat conduction and are naturally non-stick. Its leaching nature adds extra iron to the food. But they are prone to rust with time. So, seasoning is required on timely basis.

Silicone Muffin Pans

You may also want to use food-grade silicone pans to make muffins and other goodies with ease. Since silicone is not metal, it is both microwave and oven safe. Silicone has compact molecules and it is better than metals in heat conduction. Metals may scorch the food when they get hot. The low thermal conductivity in silicon pans keeps food from sticking even at high temperature in microwave oven. Silicone pans are less toxic. So, you won’t get any plastic taste or smell on the food.

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However, there are some complaints that silicon pans may break and are flimsy. But the softness makes it very easy to remove muffins off the molds. Just squish the pan lightly to pop out the muffins easily.

Best Muffin Pan Reviews For 2018

1. Wilton Recipe Right 12-Cup Nonstick Muffin Pan

Wilton Recipe Right 12-Cup Nonstick Muffin Pan

Buy From Amazon

Do your favorite cupcakes and buns come out with over browned bottoms in your existing pan? It’s time to replace it with Wilton Recipe Right Muffin pan. This 12-cup pan can bake more than just muffins. You can bake savory appetizers for your next party or mini cupcakes to delight your children at home.

It is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel for even heat distribution and you can get the well-baked golden-brown goodies out of your oven. Food won’t stick to the sides or bottom of pan and it slides well. It is also easy to maintain.


  • Dishwasher safe for Easy Cleanup
  • Nonstick coating
  • Made of heavy-gauge steel for even heat distribution


  • Non-stick coating peels off after a few uses

2. Keliwa 12-Cup Silicone Muffin-Cupcake Baking Pan

Keliwa Silicone Muffin-Cupcake Baking Pan

Buy From Amazon

Forget traditional muffin pans on which your cupcakes and muffins always stick. Order now Keliwa’s Silicone Muffin/Cupcake 12-cup baking pan. You no longer need to sprinkle it with non-stick spray because its non-stick surface will take care of the rest. You don’t have to buy disposable cupcake/muffin cups or muffin tin. Even better, the muffin pan comes with over 21 recipes like mini lasagna cups, muffins and cupcakes, baked oatmeal cups, and even more.


  • Made of 100% high quality food grade silicone and approved by FDA
  • Non-stick pan is easy to clean,
  • Odor and stain resistant
  • Retains shape of muffins and cupcakes
  • Easy to release muffins and cupcakes
  • Heat resistant up to 450F
  • Oven, dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe


  • These pans don’t get hot much like metal
  • Doesn’t brown sides, takes too much time to bake
  • Too large to keep in microwave

3. OvenArt Bakeware Silicone 12-Cup Muffin Pan

OvenArt Bakeware Silicone

Buy From Amazon

If it’s your first time with silicone pan, you will definitely love OvenArt Bakeware for several reasons. No matter you want to bake for special occasions or every weekend, you may want to use OvenArt Bakeware Silicone muffin pan for well-baked goodies. Replace your worn-out, rusty muffin tin and choose this innovative product.

Now you no longer have to struggle with scrubbing and soaking traditional pans. This muffin pan is designed for bakers who want to save both energy and time. It is very easy to cleanup and you can easily lift off you baked goodies. You can get the well-baked treats with this silicone bakeware.

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  • 100% filler-free, BPA-free premium silicone
  • Non-stick surface makes it easy to release muffins
  • Flexible and avoids scratches


  • Very flimsy and feels a lot like plastic
  • Strong rubbery/plastic smell

4. USA Pan Bakeware Cupcake/Muffin Pan

USA Pan Bakeware Cupcake and Muffin Pan

Buy From Amazon

USA Pan Bakeware muffin and cupcake pan is made of high quality aluminized steel and measures 15.75 inches. It is a 12-cup muffin pan made of heavy gauge, commercial-grade steel to last longer. It also has corrugated design for proper air circulation, quick release, and even baking.

The AMERICOAT coating makes this pan BPA, PTFE, and PFOA free. It is made of 65% recycled steel which has lifetime warranty and is safe for environment. It is made by Bundy Family Company which manufactures top quality bakeware in the USA. It is made for socially and environmentally conscious bakers.


  • 12 standard size wells to bake well sized cupcakes
  • Quick release of baked goods with AMERICOAT coating
  • Backed with lifetime warranty


  • Too large for convection oven

5. Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 12-cup Muffin Pan

Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 12-cup Muffin Pan

Buy From Amazon

Forget the traditional clutter of paper baking cups if you have Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 12-cup muffin pan for baking cupcakes and muffins. It has non-stick surface inside and out for proper food release.

Farberware has been the leading name for centuries in providing value, reliability and performance to home bakers. It offers reliable and sturdy bakeware to stand ahead with the legacy. This non-stick and durable cupcake pan is made of heavy duty material which resists warping for longer. You can get even heating for well-browned muffins and cupcakes and to avoid burning foods with low hot spots.

It is also easy to cleanup even after baking cheese and ham quiche. It is the best addition to cake pans as it is oven safe up to 450F. It is easy to bake and remove finger-licking cupcakes, muffins and other goodies.


  • Made of heavy-duty metal to avoid warping
  • Heats evenly and is easy to cleanup
  • Oven safe up to 450F


  • Gets sticky too soon
  • Non-stick coating fades after several uses


You may find lots of muffin and cupcake pans in the market. You have to do some homework to choose the right one. Be sure to consider the types of muffin baking you want to do, size of muffins you want, and materials you want.

The best rated pans listed above truly stand out of the rest which share many things in common and look similar. Customers swear by these products as they are affordable and made of high quality materials. Both startups and professional bakers choose these pans as they can make well-baked muffins and come from reputed brands. They are also backed by assurance guarantee and warranty for long working life. They are also easy to maintain and clean.