Top 10 Best Pizza Stone Reviews For 2018

Top 10 Best Pizza Stone Reviews For 2018
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So you have decided to make a restaurant-style pizza at home? Lets take a quick look of our top 10 best pizza stone for 2018.

S.NoOur Top Rated ProductOnline-Price
1Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone Price
2Heritage 15” Black Ceramic Pizza Stone Price
3Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone Price
4Pizzacraft PC9899 ThermaBond Rectangular Pizza Stone Price
5Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone Price
6Love this Kitchen – Ultimate 16-inch Round Pizza Stone Price
7Culinary Couture 15-inch Pizza Stone for Grilling and Oven Baking Price
8Crustina Pizza Stone for Oven, Grill and BBQ Price
9The Original Baking Steel Ultra Conductive Original Pizza Stone Price
10Cuisinart CPS-445 Pizza Grilling Set Price

I can’t just explain our love for pizza which is truly reflected in over 3 million sales of pies every year in the US. Millions of pizza fans can’t resist their love for coal-fired pi, Chicago’s deep dish, and thin slice from New York. Instagram is full of recipes, videos and pictures of toppings we can’t live without.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to stay around our favorite restaurant when our mind demands it the most. This is the reason we want to do it on our own with an oven. Even though you don’t have any experience, it is very simple to bake a delicious pie without having dough-tossing skills, coal-burning oven, or giant wood.

Simply place a pizza stone on the bottom of your oven. No matter you are an amateur diner or expert cook, you can create well-baked, delightful pizza at home with crisp crusts to fill your taste buds and stomach.

What are the Benefits of Pizza Stone?

Using a pizza stone is a cost-effective and simple way to improve taste of frozen or fresh pie. Somehow, it imitates the cooking styles in your favorite McDonalds. Even though pizza stones are smaller, they serve as the floor of a commercial, large pizza oven that distributes heat around the pie.

It is not all about frozen or fresh pizza prep. You can use a quality pizza stone to bake cookies, bread, and muffins. It is the best way to defrost and/or to warm the frozen dishes up.

What are the Buyers’ Instructions For Pizza Stone?

There are different materials used in manufacturing pizza pans, some are artificial while some are naturally made. It is recommended to choose pizza stone as per its material. Cooking styles vary depending upon the type of material. You need to choose more durable materials than others, such as –

Cordierite – It can resist very high temperature very well. It is shock-proof material also used in manufacturing kiln shelves.

Lead-free clay – It is a classic material used in pizza stones. It can render your favorite crispy crust. But it takes more time to preheat to reach the desired temperature.

Ceramic Stone – It promotes even heat distribution. But care must be taken while preheating as it may be cracked.

Stoneware – It is a good conductor of heat. But it is also likely o crack if it is not preheated well.

For pizza stones, other materials used are cast iron that can resist up to 400°F of heat and steel “stones” are relatively new and are good conductors of heat, though they are costly and heavy.

Best Buy Pizza Stone Reviews 2018

1. Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

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These days, party or treat has been the synonym of pizza. The Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone will prep professionally-baked pies with tastefully crafted crusts.

This pizza stone will magically bake up your dough in a blink of eye and drape it in dense coating of cheese. Along with being the best oven-ready pizza stone, Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza stone is the best baking stone for the most happening pizza parties at home.


  • Best for baking pizzeria-worthy pies and breads
  • Ideal for baking crunchy, multi-layered crusts
  • Absorbs and distributes heat evenly
  • Crack-proof, durable, and made of lead-free clays
  • Resists up to 2000℉ on a grill or oven
  • Well designed Heat Core to avoid soggy centers


  • Fumes don’t go away after longer use
  • Grease or oil leaks through it and sticks to the bottom and stinks

2. Heritage 15” Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

Heritage Pizza Stone

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You just can’t resist your love for pizza with first bite if it is baked over Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone. You may soon realize and regret all the pizzeria-baked pizzas you have bought so far. This baking stone is best suited for grill, oven and BBQ outside your house. This non-stain pizza stone preheats around 2x faster than others.

There is also no complaint on stains from oil or butter or burn crust. It is also very simple to wash. There is no risk of fumes and it keeps your pizza delightful and smells good. There is hardly any problem because it is the most positively reviewed and loved pizza stone on Amazon. It also won’t crack in oven and it is built to last.


  • Very durable and long lasting
  • No risk of fumes or burns
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for oven, BBQ and grill


  • Foul smell when on the oven
  • Black coating peels off over time and is not safe

3. Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

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Homemade pizza doesn’t taste the same as pizzeria-baked pie at times. But Old Stone Oven Round Baking stone is made of firebrick which lines blast furnaces and kilns and imitates the outcomes of traditional stone ovens to bake crispy and best tasting pizza crust in your home.

This 16-inch stone heats well and retains heat to keep pizzas warm even after they are removed from the oven. It is also thermal shock-proof. The stone is large enough to make a full-sized pie or even bake biscuits, rolls, or rounded breads. The flat surface makes it simple to remove slices and cut them from baking stone. It remains well balanced with 8 circular stone feet on oven rack. Hence, your toppings or cheese won’t slide off.

It is made of durable material which won’t crack even if you move your dough from a fridge to hot oven quickly. Even better, it keeps your toppings clean and in line.


  • Perfect to bake full-size pies, cookies etc.
  • Bake pizzeria-worthy bread and pizza with chewy, crunchy crust that you have always desired
  • Absorbs and distributes heat well
  • Resists up to 2000℉ heat on the grill or in the oven
  • Durable enough to transfer chilled dough to hot oven without risk of cracks


  • A bit heavier than expected making it little difficult to use

4. Pizzacraft PC9899 ThermaBond Rectangular Pizza Stone


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If you don’t want to spend much on pizzerias and are concerned about your health, you may definitely want to cook pizza at your home. You may also feel free to choose the healthy ingredients, experiment and save money rather than tipping delivery guy.

This rectangular pizza stone is not all about pizza. In fact, Pizzacraft PC9899 ThermaBond is perfect for pastries, bread, and other dishes you like. Food tastes like it was baked in a brick-lined oven, though it is from your grill or oven. You can also re-heat frozen ready made pizzas and baked items. It doesn’t need conditioning or seasoning.


  • Good to make delicious pizza, bread, and pastries and reheat frozen pizza
  • Made of all-natural 100% FDA-proof material which resists thermal shock
  • Its new and improved version easily fits your standard ovens


  • The stone is heavy so it is a bit hard to use
  • Size is a bit smaller

5. Wilton 2105-0244 Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone

wilton pizza stone

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Bake your delightful foods perfectly with premium Wilton 2105-0244 stoneware. It is a ceramic baking stone which delivers best results as it is made of top-quality material that performs really well for years. This 15-inch baking stone heats well and quickly, retains heat, and absorbs moisture to make crisp crusts. It also has chrome plated rack.

This Perfect Results Ceramic pizza stone is your best companion to bake the restaurant-styled pizza at your home. You can easily bake the dough into delicious, crispy crust as the delicious toppings and cheese heat up evenly. The pizza pan is hot and delivers perfect crust. The silver rack transfers pizza flawlessly.


  • Retains and transfers heat evenly to keep your pizza warmer
  • Best companion for pizza party and to bake snacks
  • The pizza stone heats up evenly to bake cookies, bread, flatbreads, and scones
  • The chrome rack makes it simple to remove stone


  • Stone breaks when put cold on the hot oven suddenly

6. Love this Kitchen – Ultimate 16-inch Round Pizza Stone

Ultimate Pizza Stone

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Made with ThermaShock Exclusive Protection Convection Technology, Ultimate 16-inch Round Pizza Stone is your best companion to bake crunchy, delicious homemade pizzas to keep your family and friends closer. It is your best partner to make pizza both on the grill or on oven. It has been tested to resist high temperatures.

The pizza stone is made of porous ceramic that can absorb moisture from pizza to deliver crispy crust.  The FDA-approved ThermaShock pizza stone can withstand around 1500 deg. F to ensure peace of mind as it won’t break with extreme temperature changes. It is a good choice to bake flatbreads, bread, pizza, or cookies. Bake restaurant-worthy pizza with this world-class baking stone.


  • Made with ThermaShock technology to avoid cracking
  • Make crunchy pizza at your home
  • Perfect for oven or grill


  • Too large to fit in an oven
  • Very heavy stone

7. Culinary Couture 15-inch Pizza Stone for Grilling and Oven Baking

Culinary Couture pizza stone

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No longer want to order pizza every time your mood strikes? Why not make your own with healthy hand-picked ingredients that is delicious for you and your loved ones? Culinary Couture is a heat-resistant, thick, and universal pizza stone for oven baking and grilling.

This ¾” thick and 15-inch round pizza stone will help you master all the pizzas you love. It is thicker than most stones available in the market so you can get crispy pizza crust every time. Along with making the best pizza at your home, you can also reheat the rest of pizza for next dinner or party and bring back the amazing freshness and taste of your food.


  • Make more than just pizza with delightful crust
  • Healthiest choice for you and your family
  • Good to use on the oven and grill


  • Doesn’t cook bottom of pizza evenly
  • Stains worst when tomato sauce or olive oil leaks over the corners

8. Crustina Pizza Stone for Oven, Grill and BBQ

Crustina Pizza Stone

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The 14×16 inch pizza stone from Crustina comes with all the tools required to make the restaurant-styled pizzas at home. Making delicious pizza needs very high temperature that several traditional ovens cannot reach. This way, this cooking stone can retain and distribute heat evenly and removes excess oil. The rectangular shape of this pizza stone has more space unlike round baking stones.

Crustina is a reputed and recognized name to bake the best pizza. It is not just for BBQ, but also for oven and grill. You can make tasty food on BBQ and grill. However, this baking stone is not just for pizza. You can make a lot of delightful treats, such as cookies, bread, and scones. Get the authentic Italian taste right from your favorite Italian restaurant at your home.

The packaging includes owner’s manual which has tips to make delightful margarita pizza, tomato sauce recipe, and pizza dough recipe. Now pizza making at home is simple and fun and you can have great freedom to hone the cook within you.


  • Cook more than just pizza. It is easy to make cookies, bread etc.
  • It is very porous to absorb moisture in the oven and to retain heat
  • Fit well for BBQ and Oven


  • It is not simple to clean
  • Pizza sticks and don’t come off completely

9. The Original Baking Steel Ultra Conductive Original Pizza Stone

Ultra Conductive Original Pizza Stone

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Made of ultra-conductive stainless steel, this pizza baking steel is influenced by Modernist Cuisine. Its cooking surface is very conductive as compared to stone. It retains 18 times more energy as compared to traditional stone. It cooks pizza faster and more evenly in low temperature and your pizza ends up with thin, crispy, and delightful crust.


  • Gets hot faster, transfers heat evenly
  • Beautiful matte finish and well rounded corners for well cooked pizza
  • Cook pizza within minutes


  • There is a bit of learning required before getting started

10. Cuisinart CPS-445 Pizza Grilling Set

Cuisinart CPS-445 Pizza Grilling Set

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Bake even tastier, delicious, and crisper pizza with Cuisinart CPS-445 Pizza Grilling Set. The set includes heat resistant stone which promotes even heat distribution while avoiding hot spots. Bake a pizza which mimics the one baked in professional brick oven. You can also serve warm toast, bagels, tortillas, waffles, and more baked in this 13” ceramic stone.

It also includes a long aluminum pizza peel that has super smooth finish which avoids sticking. You can slide the peel evenly under the well-baked pizza and place it on hot stone and remove peel while baking. Slide the peel and move the pizza from oven.

The S.S. steel pizza cutter comes with round cutting wheel to keep your hands safe from ultra-sharp blades. It is also used to cut brownies, flatbread, and dessert bars. To ensure its sharpness for longer, wash it by hand and use soft towel to dry to avoid moisture.


  • If you are a BBQing chef, you will really love this grilling set
  • Retains heat well and transfers heat over the edges
  • Super smooth finish for well-cooked pizza


  • Cutter is quite flimsy
  • Guard is a bit loose

Usage Guidelines for a Pizza Stone

To make the most of pizza stone, be sure to follow these tips –

-> If you are looking for kitchen products with varied functions, we recommend you to choose the pizza stone which is durable and good conductor of heat. You can also roast veggies, bake potato chips, and cook your delightful falafels.

-> To preheat pizza stone, it is advised to place it on lower rack of cold oven and leave it for 30 minutes.

-> Before baking your dough, let it to come to normal temperature. If you place frozen or chilled dough on hot pizza stone, it may crack from sudden change in temperature.

-> Seasoning is not required in most pizza stones. Simply clean the stone with soap-free, wet cloth. Place the wet stone on low heat to warm it up. Once it is dry, place vegetable oil and coat it lightly with kitchen towel. Bake it at 400 deg. F after applying oil and leave it in the oven for one hour and also let it to cool down in the oven.

-> You may wash most pizza stones by hand only. Don’t use dishwashing liquid or soap to avoid soapy taste in your pizza.


Usually, pizza stones are either rectangular or circular. It’s up to the user because circular stones makes it easy to rotate in the oven. On the other side, rectangular pizza stones are best suited for most grills and oven designs. So, you need to consider the oven designs and your convenience before choosing the type of pizza stone.

We hope you’ve liked our best pizza stone reviews and buying guide. Hopefully, you can make your own informed decision by checking out the best picks listed above. We have listed the best pizza stone for your oven to make a tasty pizza at your home.

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