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Published on June 17, 2020 | Updated on February 15, 2022 | by Samantha

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Making fudge is always fun around the holidays and never seems to have any boundaries to the added ingredients used for flavors. If you’ve ever heard about how amazing coffee fudge can taste, you might want to add this to your list of must-have recipes. Now you can enjoy coffee in a whole new way.

What’s the hype about Coffee Fudge?

When you’re a big lover of fresh-brewed java, instead of your morning coffee, how about coffee fudge? In fact, how about enjoying that flavor anytime you like with the added jolt of caffeine mixing into a slice of fudge? We’ve seen coffee products come and go over the years, but nothing comes close to the coffee you enjoy combined with chocolate and made into fudge.

The real kicker to this is how easy it is to make this recipe at home. While big trends for coffee seem to come and go, including last year’s Dalgona coffee challenge, coffee fudge has been a sleeper hit for much longer than you might think. The first recipes started to pop up on the internet as early as 2011 and were floating around randomly on recipe chat boards in the early 2000s.

Most coffee fudge recipes call for instant coffee powder or freeze-dried coffee packets. Since there is some simmering involved, you can use freshly brewed coffee Trader Joe’s coffee or your favorite beans. It simply takes longer to simmer off the volume of water. You could simply use an espresso shot which is much more concentrated and works just fine in this coffee fudge recipe.

How to make coffee fudge

Coffee Fudge Recipe

Coffee Fudge Recipe

Total Time 40 minutes
Course Snack
Cuisine American
Calories 160 kcal


  • Medium-sized saucepan
  • Stovetop
  • Baking tray
  • Silicone-coated baking paper
  • Silicone paper
  • Sharp knife or a plastic knife
  • Paper towel


  • 1 Can Sweet condensed milk (14 ounces)
  • 1 Shot Espresso (one cup of regular coffee)
  • 1 Tablespoon Water (optional)
  • 1 Bag Semi-sweet chocolate chips/or dark cocoa chips (TJs brand)


  • The first step is to have a medium-sized saucepan placed over medium heat on your stovetop. Pour in the condensed milk and warm it up enough to melt the chocolate chips. You don’t want to see the mixture bubbling, but simmering lightly is perfectly fine. You can then add the shot of espresso or a cup of coffee
  • This is where you may or may not need to add extra water or not. A cup of coffee needs to boil off the water content, so sticking to low heat and continuing stirring is advised. You don’t want the chocolate to burn along with the condensed milk. When the milk and coffee mixture has thickened enough, this is when you add the chocolate chips.
  • Keep stirring this until the mixture is completely smooth and reduce the heat as needed. Now you will need a baking tray that has a layer of silicone-coated baking paper laid on the bottom. But sure to have the edges of the baking paper folded upwards to this is easier to remove the fudge later.
  • Pour in the fudge mixture and use a spatula to help it settle and flatten out further along with the silicone paper. The spatula helps to scrape out the saucepan so you don’t leave any of your coffee fudge behind. Now, you chill this in the fridge until it completely sets for two hours.
  • After the fudge is set you can lay the silicone paper onto a flat surface and slice the fudge into even strips. Use a sharp knife or a plastic knife that slices through easily. A kitchen knife needs cleaning more often, so use a paper towel to clean this in between each slice. Slice these pieces into 1-inch by 2-inch rectangle pieces.


Calories: 160kcal
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