Common Good City Farms Revitalizes Edible Urban Garden Tour

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It seems that you can’t keep a good organization down when it comes to helping the community learn more about sustainable foods. Thanks to the Common Good City Farm, they have extended their Edible Urban Garden Tour outreach to include CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). This is a new event program that targets those in Washington DC that allows supporters to share the local goods that are grown locally.

What is the CSA program all about?

Common Good City Farm
Common Good City Farm

We first learned about the Common Good City Farm group way back in 2015 and are one of the few garden community groups that Prince Charles had toured in 2011. His awareness tour for inspiring the “Future of Food” from his visit helped to put Common Good City Farm on the map. As times have changed, they have once again joined forces with other local DC community farming organizations and families they now feature their 2022 garden program.

This program runs from June to October 2022 through the desired level of share donations. Each week, those who have invested in this project can reap the harvest starting in June and collect 7-10 produce items at CGCF and other participating fame communities. Their main partners include Dreaming Out Loud’s Food Hub and Franklin Sustainable Farms. The added bonus is this supporter-based program also includes a new added bonus. At No Takeout, we support local farms.

They have further thrown in an option for Add-On items that are not limited to just vegetables. Now the add-on list also extends to fruits, meat, cheese, and eggs that are all organically grown and farmed in the DC area. This program will run an estimated 22 weeks with one scheduled pickup that sponsors will need to arrange. There are bi-weekly pick-up dates and monthly pick-up options available as well.

It’s worth noting as well that all add-on items are specifically priced within their own category and pick-up time that’s selected. For those who are looking to experience a more involved experience, they also allow Workshare programs. This will let anyone who wants to become a member receive a reduced discount of 50{33fafff82620d55c01e7e54e5509f1f12e5413cbb2b32b1b762de9ae00e8563e} by helping to perform work duties at one of the participating garden community group locations.

This program is perfect for families who are struggling financially or simply want to spend their time helping others. The fact that these vegetables and fruits are all responsibly grown using organic pesticides to ensure the flavors are much better than store-bought produce. It’s also a healthier alternative if you happen to love Farmer’s Market freshness that cannot be beaten.

How to get more info?

CSA program Common Good City Farm
If you’re living in the DC area and are looking to feel good about helping local farming communities thrive, you can find more info on their main website. They have several options for their CSA program and will allow you to customize your shares and add-on selections. The overall cost-effective savings that are created from this program will help families save more by getting involved before tickets start to sell out.

We’re glad to follow-up on Common Good City Farms that is taking the concept of Edible Urban Garden Tours to a whole new level. We encourage you to take a closer look at helping support this program, even if it means a longer drive across town.

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