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Published on August 15, 2019 | Updated on February 15, 2022 | by Samantha

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If there is one thing about fast food, it seems that hamburgers keep getting smaller and smaller. Or perhaps it’s just the memory of when you were a kid and a regular burger appeared to be much bigger. Yet, if you’re in the mood for mini hamburgers, we’ve got some ideas on how to use mini buns that are just as filling as the normal-sized ones.

Why are mini hamburger buns getting so much attention?

White Castle burgers

If you grew up near any self-respecting White Castle, you’ll know how much fun ‘Sliders’ happen to be. They’re bite-sized, juicy, and leave you with a sense of nostalgia that never gets old. Yet for most of us, we all have kids now, and remembering how greasy White Castle burgers really are is a worry for what kids are eating for dinner. That’s where healthy alternatives such as mini hamburger buns give new hope for serving up tasty bites!

Try low-fat meats

Eating ground beef is certainly filling, but the cholesterol that goes with most red meat is nothing to joke about. Leaner meats including poultry are just as tasty and can still be just as juicy as long as you don’t over-grill your burgers. Ground turkey breast is a great example that can be spiced up and seasoned to perfection using a small number of seasonings. Yet for anyone who still loves that red meat flavor, there is an unlikely candidate to consider.

One of the few red types of meat that many people have never heard of is Ostrich meat. It still falls into the category of red meat and is very low in cholesterol. The most amazing part about Ostrich meat is that it tastes remarkably similar to filet mignon. It cooks just as fast as any other poultry and is unmistakably juicy when ground up and formed into patties. Just a light pinch of salt and pepper is enough to give Ostrich patties great flavor.

Go with veggie burgers

Another fine alternative is to skip those veggie patties that are made with plant extract. With all of the hype that the Impossible Burger has garnished, the FDA still is on the fence about deciding if that red heme that’s genetically engineered to go into this fake meat is safe or not. Besides that, all of the coconut oil inside this meat is deemed worse than real red meat by many health advisors.

Among the oldest natural meat alternatives includes (our friend), the Portobello mushroom. Amazingly, it can be seasoned and grilled on any skillet or BBQ and provided the same meatiness and bite that hamburger meat is known best for. Check out some of these grills we reviewed for indoor grilling. On top of that, Portobello mushrooms are wonderfully healthy for anyone who is weight-conscious or sticking to a diet.

Don’t forget the buns

You want to get the best results for making mini hamburgers, so not any mini bun will do. We recommend Trader Joe’s mini hamburger buns because they have all the qualities you’re looking for in a bun. The overall taste is soft and eggy but also features those iconic sesame seeds on top. They are about half the diameter as regular buns but toast up on the grill just the same.

These buns are ideal for making party hamburgers for any occasion and are excellent for kid’s parties all the same. For most adults, two or three of these are enough to satisfy a big appetite. Luckily, you get 8 buns to a bag so there’s enough for everyone. Check it out next time you make a run to Trader Joe’s.

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