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We’ve been following Fellow tea kettles and feel that you should know about the different models that they offer. While they’ve become known for their precision gooseneck design, their effectiveness in boiling water for your favorite tea or pour over coffee seems to be unmatched.

With a relatively short time to have hit the kettle scene, Fellow has continuously been getting praise for their quality and design. Pricewise, they’re right at that range which puts them at a mid-range level. They certainly aren’t budget-centered and are meant for a serious fan of tea making and those who love the pour-over method. As you’ll soon find out, they have a kettle that’s stylized for everyone’s tastes. Check out our tea kettle testing if you’re looking to pick up a traditional whistling tea kettle.

Stagg Kettle

Matte Black fellow Stagg kettle

This is Fellow’s top kettle and top seller. It hits the mark for aesthetic beauty and overall design. Aside from a minimalist design that is perfectly made for precision pouring, this gooseneck spout will inspire elegance in any kitchen. It comes in two versions that are either with an electric heating pad or without.

  1. EKG Electric kettle set

This model comes with a variable temperature control heating pad that works with standard 120V plugs. You might need a converter plug if you take it with you overseas since they don’t offer a 220V version. What’s cool is this heating pad includes a timer to let you know how long your brew has been going. It also has a hold mode to maintain the desired temperature for 60 minutes straight.

You also get a choice of 5 colors or two wooden handle choices for this set. Furthermore, now you can decide if you want to see the temperature of your water set to Celsius or Fahrenheit. There is an additional EKG+ version that is Bluetooth-controlled when you purchase this upgrade. It’s perfect if you don’t have a kitchen with a stovetop so brewing in your bedroom or office will be simplified anytime you want to make the perfect cup of tea.

  1. Pour-over kettle

This is the same version except it has no heating pad and is meant for heating on a stovetop. For this version, you only have a choice of 4 colors including matt black, matt white, chrome, or copper. Since this doesn’t sit on a temperature controller it will have a thermometer that sits within the lid to check your temperature easily. Both of these kettles either for the electric heating pad or by themselves both come with a counterweighted handle.

This makes pouring this kettle a cinch and gives you better control when it comes to pour-over brewing for tea kettles and coffee. The pouring spout does take some careful balancing so you don’t get drip-back down the gooseneck. Just use slow and steady streams when you begin to pour any hot water. These kettles are also not dishwasher safe so you need to wash them by hand with soap and water.

Don’t try scrubbing them since this can leave scratches on your chrome and matt finishes. You can buy an additional tea seeper while making pour-over tea from Fellow as well.


Matte Black Corvo on wood surface

The only difference between the Corvo and the Stagg is the difference in pour spouts. The Corvo has a shorter top spout right at the edge of the lid, unlike the Stagg. But other than that, they are near replicas of each other when it comes to their heating pad model. They do not offer a stand-alone stovetop model. This version only comes in black but you can buy a replacement wooden handle if you like.

The handle is the same as the Stagg and gives you the maximum balance that helps keep the carafe from pulling your wrist down.

Clyde Kettle

Clyde kettle on wood table

If you remember your grandmother’s old-fashioned kettle from the 70s it has that iconic-looking L-shaped handle sticking out from the back. While the Clyde couldn’t be a better name for this tea kettle that gives modern minimalism a run for its money. It looks a bit more like a hot bun warmer painted flat black or a funky Bluetooth speaker you bring to the beach. Either way, you’ll love the retro style nonetheless.

It’s a stovetop model only and doesn’t have a thermometer in the lid, but does feature a pleasing two-tone whistle letting you know your water is ready! If you’ve got a large group that likes tea in the morning, this is your best bet for more than 3 people at a time. You can boil up to 1.7 liters at a time, so it’s heavy duty right from the start. It also has a safety valve that opens when you pour it without the need for a whistle cap.


Matte Black fellow Raven

This model looks just like the Corvo and is also a stand-alone stovetop version. What makes this different is this comes with an additional tea filter that drops into the carafe chamber. Essentially you could buy a Corvo and the tea filter drop-in separately, but that would be redundant. This model provides you with the tea filter and can be considered the Corvo stand-alone plus model.

It features a thermometer so you can get instant temperature results at a glance. It also holds 1 liter of water when fully filled. It only comes in black but once again you can change this with a wooden handle quite easily. It will also fit onto the heating pad if you already have another Fellow kettle electric set. This way you can make tea or coffee with two kettles for guests or for your family.

Fellow Kettle Sets

Fellow kettle sets on black surface

Some special additions allow you to buy tea kettles in sets for social brewing and come with added cups and a pour-over vessel. You can even have a glass carafe to hold your finished tea. There are also combination kits that include a kettle and French Press which feature the regular weighted handles that come in black or wood finishes. Whichever you choose, will also need to be placed on a stovetop to boil your water.

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