Best WiFi Thermometers for Meat, Grilling or Cooking [Top 5 Complete Review 2018]

Best WiFi Thermometers for Meat, Grilling or Cooking [Top 5 Complete Review 2018]
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At Cookware Junkies, we love cooking – no matter what form that takes. And if your idea of cooking is low-and-slow on your backyard grill or smoker, a WiFi Thermometer is the ultimate wireless cooking thermometer.  While your everyday instant read meat thermometer will suffice in the kitchen, when you’ve got a brisket or pile of ribs on the back smoker for anywhere from 8-16 hours, you’re going to want something that lets you step away from the grill for extended periods of time without ever losing track of your food’s internal temperature.

Why Buy A WiFi Meat Thermometer?

As a Cookware Junkie, you know that cooking gourmet foods (and simple everyday staples) requires precision and utmost attention-to-detail. That’s what a WiFi Meat Thermometer is for – letting you know the exact temperature your food is at remotely on your phone, from virtually anywhere.

While you can use it for virtually anything – steaks on the cast-iron or roasting a turkey – WiFi Meat Thermometers are most at home as a smoker meat thermometer for smoking large cuts of meat. Whether it’s baby back ribs or pork butt, you need to maintain a steady, even temperature inside your grill or cooking surface for hours on end, avoiding heat spikes and dips. A good smart meat thermometer will allow you to monitor both the meat’s internal temperature and that of the grill or smoker remotely on your phone from virtually anywhere and set temperature alerts sending notifications straight to your phone when the temperature spikes too high, dips too low or reaches your desired doneness.

Higher-end WiFi Smart Thermometers even let you control the pit temperature from the app, using a PID-controlled blower. This you some extra peace of mind, knowing you have complete control over your food from afar.

WiFi vs Bluetooth Smart Thermometers

Bluetooth Smart Thermometers are excellent tools, and they’re usually less expensive than WiFi Meat Thermometers. The biggest difference is the range they give you to wander and still be connected; while Bluetooth thermometers are usually limited to somewhere between 100 and 200 feet of effective range, a WiFi thermometer is virtually limitless, as it connects to WiFi and then to your phone through the cloud. In other words, as long as you have internet reception on your phone, you can know exactly how your meat is doing from anywhere in the world. Want to run some errands while food is on the smoker? No problem. Go the beach while the ribs cook? Go for it. With the right device, you can even control the pit temperature from the other side of the country. How cool is that?

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Ready to take a look at the Top 5 Best WiFi Meat Thermometers out there? Here’s our take.

1. ThermoWorksThermaQ

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ThermoWorks is a trusted name in thermometers of all kinds, so their WiFi smart thermometer should be no different. The ThermaQis a small, portable and high-quality smart device that fits in the palm of your hand and has all the features you could ask for.

What We Like:

Probes and Accuracy: The ThermaQ has two 2-channel Type K Thermocouple probes (the best you can get). The probes can read temperatures anywhere from -328F to 2500F – way more than you’ll ever need in a meat thermometer. And Thermocouples mean it’s accurate to within .07F +/-, so you know your food is at exactly where it says is it’s at.

How Does The App Work?: Connect the ThermaQ to your WiFi, and then download the ThermaQ app. From here, you can track temperatures for both probes, set high and low temperature alerts, minimum and maximum temperatures, and of course, have it tell you when your food is done. In addition, it has temperature graphs and logs, which you can export to your email and analyze how your smoking session went, learn from it for next time, and then compare it to other sessions.

The minimum, maximum and done temperature alerts can also be programmed to go off on the device itself; when your food is ready, the temperature on the ThermaQ’s LCD screen will flash, an audible alarm will go off, and you’ll know to remove your meat before it’s overdone.

Build and Construction: The ThermaQ is a sturdy little device, built to withstand all the hazards a kitchen or backyard grill can throw at it. It has a durable splashproof, impact-resistant and dustproof plastic and rubber build, rated to IP55, and can handle a decent amount of flying hot grease, spilled water and drops from the counter. It’s not entirely waterproof, so don’t go about leaving it in the rain, but it is built for serious pitmasters and chefs, so it can handle anything an everyday griller and home chef like yourself could subject it to. There are also magnets on the side for attaching it to the side of your grill.

Battery Life: Unlike a lot of other WiFi smart thermometers, which are plugged into your AC power outlet, the ThermaQ runs off of 2 AA batteries. ThermoWorks says they can max out at 4000 hours of life, which is a lot. You’ll rarely need to replace them, but when you do, AA’s are easy to find.

What Don’t We Like?

ThermaQ Cons: Perhaps the most disappoint thing about the ThermaQ is that it doesn’t have any way to control the pit temperature. While that’s not a requirement for a Wi-Fi Thermometer, it’s a huge plus. Monitoring temperatures remotely is great but doesn’t do a whole lot of good if you can’t raise or lower the pit temperature.

The ThermaQ also lacks cloud storage capability for your cooking logs and graphs. If you don’t immediately email yourself the graph, it’s gone when you power off the device.


Our Final Take: A high-end, durable, extremely-capable and accurate WiFi thermometer, and our top pick.


  • Type K Thermocouple probes are accurate (+/- .7F) and have wide temperature range – up to 2500F.
  • Durable, palm-sized body. Splashproof, drop-proof, dustproof, IP55-rated.
  • Super long 4000-hour battery life.


  • Does not control temperature
  • No cloud storage for cooking graphs and logs

2. Fireboard

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The Fireboard is small, durable and easy to use, and rocks all the latest smart features; it’s everything you could ask for in a thermometer. It’s also one of the most versatile smart thermometers out there, thanks to its 6 probes and channels for keeping an eye on a lot of food at once.

What We Like:

The Probes: With 6 different probe channels, you can use the Fireboard in a variety of different ways; monitor 5 pieces of meat at once while still monitoring the pit temperature, or cook 6 large hunks of meat all at once, or do whatever you want, really. These probes are RTD PT-100’s, which are accurate to +/- .7F and can read temperatures anywhere from a bone-chilling -94F to a whopping hot 752F. May your brisket never see such unseemly temperatures.

If you buy the Extreme BBQ version, you get 2 ambient probes, 6 food probes, and 2 grill clips. Using the grill clips, you can set up 2 the 2 ambient probes to monitor the pit temperature, and still have 4 channels left for meat. The probes are connected by 6-foot-long wire braided cables for plenty of reach and length.

And while RTD probes are included, you can actually swap them out for different kinds of probes, including thermistor, so you can use the Fireboard with your preferred tools. Thermistors don’t get the insane temperature ranges that RTD’s do, but they allow for finer precision and tuning.

The App and Smart Features: For easy monitoring, simply glance at the built-in LCD display, which shows real-time temperatures, battery life, and whether the app is connected. If you’d like to break out the WiFi and remote monitoring features, however, that’s where this bad boy shines. You can connect to either your smartphone or tablet through both WiFi and cloud connection, or even use your laptop, connecting through the browser and logging into the Fireboard app. And of course, WiFi and cloud connectivity mean you have virtually unlimited range.

One thing the Fireboard has that other WiFi thermometers don’t is Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity gives you up to 100 feet of range in places where WiFi isn’t available (so feel free to bring your thermometer camping or to the beach).

Smart features are pretty standard; temperature threshold alerts for each probe, and graphs, which can be exported to .csv files. You can select the minimum and maximum temperature for each probe as well as customize alarms to your liking, such as with timers. Also, the Fireboard will alert you by text message if you prefer. You can even use it through Alexa, asking her to check your meat temperature for you.

You Can Control Pit Temperature, Too: If you purchase an additional blower and Fireboard’s specially-designed cable, you can actually control how hot your smoker get straight from the Fireboard app. Being PID-enabled means the Drive Fan cable (as Fireboard calls it) lets you customize the fan settings and will “learn” the smoker’s settings by itself, even automatically adjusting itself to maintain a precise temperature.

What Don’t We Like:

Our biggest complaint with the Fireboard is that it is not waterproof; it’ll handle some minor moisture and splashes but not rain or accidental dunkings. It’s also not supposed to be left out in cold weather.

Final Take: Apart from the lack of weatherproofing, the Fireboard is a convenient, versatile smart device with a host of nice smart features. We like that you can switch out temperature probes (very versatile) and being able to pair with your phone via Bluetooth is great when you don’t have WiFi. Furthermore, it can control your pit temperature, making it an all-in-one solution for monitoring and smoking good meats. We love it.


    • 6 probe channels
    • Compatible with a variety of probe types
    • Tons of smart features, alerts
    • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options
    • Can control pit temperature with separate fan/cable setup


  • Not waterproof or impact-resistant

3. Flame Boss 200

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If you know anything about smoking, you know the Flame Boss 300 is a promising device from a reputable brand, designed with barbecue in mind. While the most expensive WiFi Meat Thermometer on our list, it’s one of the heaviest-duty, most versatile and accurate ones you’ll ever find.

What We Like:

The Build Quality: Built like a tank from solid plastic and metal, the Flame Boss can be attached to virtually any smoker – offset, drum, barrel or even cabinet styles. You’ll need some ¾” pipe fittings and some DIY skills, but this thing can be solidly-mounted anywhere.

The Probes: The Flame Boss 300 has two platinum resistance probes, rated to read temperatures up to 475F. Not as high as other devices, but more than enough for most jobs. Get a Y-cable, and it can read up to 3 probes at once.

The Smart Features: Connect to the Flame Boss app on you phone via WiFi, and you can set min and max temperature thresholds and alerts, tell it to send you texts when your food is done, and even turn down the heat when your food has reached the desired temperature (yes, it controls the pit temperature, too). There are timers, an auto-save feature for your last used settings if the power gets disconnected or turned off accidentally, and it takes graphs and logs you can export to your computer or email. You can even connect it to your Echo and ask Alexa to keep an eye on your food.

Pit Temp Control: The Flame Boss can control pit temperature by connecting to a fan with a PID-enabled variable speed blower, allowing you to raise, lower and adjust the heat from virtually anywhere. You can purchase a compatible Flame Boss fan or use your own, and the smart controller will “intelligently” learn how your smoker reacts and responds to the fan and adjust itself accordingly.

There’s also a cool Open Lid feature, which detects any sudden drops in temperature from opening the lid and automatically shuts off the fan to prevent the fire from getting too hot.

What We Don’t Like:

A couple things we don’t like about the Flame Boss include that it doesn’t run off batteries and always needs a power outlet. Second, that it only attaches to the grill via screws, and you’ll probably need to drill some holes in your smoker. We would love having magnets on the bottom instead.  Third, the way the app connects to your WiFi isn’t very intuitive, and a lot of users have trouble with that; an app redesign could be in order.

Final Take: If you want an extremely durable WiFi Meat Thermometer built especially for smoking, that attaches to your grill setup with screws and has all the smart features you could ask for – as well as a smart fan controller, the Flame Boss 300 delivers.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Smart, PID-enabled Fan Controller
  • Open Lid detects sudden temp drops
  • Ample smart features
  • Attaches to grill/smoker
  • Up to 3 probes at once


  • Runs off AC power outlet
  • Runs off AC power outlet
  • Connecting app to WiFi is clunky

4. CyberQ

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The CyberQ Cloud Thermometer delivers all the goodies you could ask for in a WiFi Meat Thermometer plus some cool new ones – like cloud storage and social media sharing.

What We Like:

The Pit Viper Built-in Blower: The CyberQ comes integrated with a blower to control your pit temperature, called the Pit Viper. Keeping an eye on your meat remotely becomes a whole lot easier when you can just adjust the temperature accordingly, wherever you are. The automatic temperature control lets you set your desired temperature and will do all the work for you, too.

You’ll need to attach it to the grill using an included adapter and features an adjustable metal plate that lets you determine the amount of air intake and customize the blower to different smokers/grills.

All The Smart Features You Need: Setup minimum and maximum temperatures, audio, text and even email smart alerts, and even connect the CyberQ to your Amazon Echo and ask Alexa what temperature your smoker currently sits at.

Ramp Mode: The CyberQ has one really cool built-in feature that we like: Ramp Mode. Ramp Mode senses that your food is reaching the desired temperature (that you set) and then slowly “ramps” the heat down, preventing your food from overcooking and giving you an even juicier, tender hunk of meat.

Social Media Sharing: All the Wifi thermometers on our list let you take graphs and logs and export them, but the CyberQactually lets you share them directly on social media. Log on to, record your smoking/grilling sessions and share them with other barbecue lovers. Don’t forget to share some recipes and pictures of your latest smoke with some of your friends, too.

What We Don’t Like:

We really wish the CyberQ was waterproof. That would make a huge difference in overall durability and usability, especially since it’s supposed to be used outside. We also wish it was easier to setup the WiFi connection and use the app; it’s a bit buggy and clunky, and BBQGuru could update it.


  • Built-in Viper Fan Blower for controlling pit temperature
  • Smart features like open lid detection, Ramp Mode, text and email alerts
  • Integrated Social Media and Sharing options;, etc.


  • WiFi and App are clunky
  • It’s not waterproof or weatherproof

5. The Tappecue

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The Tappecue is simple and easy. It doesn’t have all the fancy features that other WiFi thermometers do, but it’s durable, weatherproof and versatile, and gives you accurate temperatures wherever you are.

What We Like:

The Weatherproof Build: Built from a thick polycarbonate material, the Tappecue is waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof. Whatever it’s subjected to, it will hold up and keep working as good as new. It has two small but stable feet on the bottom that let it stand up right next to the grill.

It Has Four Probe Channels: The Tappecue has 4 different probe channels and comes with 4 probes, allowing you to monitor the internal temperature of several pieces of food at once. The Thermocouple probes are capable of reading temperatures up to 572F and are accurate to within +/- 1F. They’re even color-coded so you can keep track of which probe goes where and are attached with 6ft long braided cables.

Offline Mode: The Tappecue connects to your phone, tablet or PC via WiFi and the cloud, so you check temps from anywhere in the world; pretty standard. But it also has offline mode, which uses an internal antenna and radio frequency (kind of like Bluetooth) to let you check on things from up to 180 feet away. Great for taking places where there’s no WiFi connection.

What We Don’t Like:

As always, there are a few things we don’t like about the Tappecue, such as the fact it doesn’t run off batteries and needs an AC power outlet nearby. Second, like a lot of other WiFi thermometers, the app and setup are somewhat clunky. When comparing Tappecue vs Fireboard we feel that the interface is more difficult to setup, however Tappaque is currently working on a much needed update.


  • Durable, weatherproof build
  • Offline mode lets you check temperatures up to 180 feet away
  • Four probe Channels
  • Accurate up to 572F, within +/- 1F.
  • All the smart features you need


  • Needs power outlet nearby
  • App is clunky and needs an update

What To Look For In A WiFi Thermometer

What Smart Features Does It Have? What Does The App Do?

In addition to letting you see what temperature your food is from wherever you are, a good smart thermometer will let you set minimum and maximum temperatures and alarms, send alerts via the app or text message – or in some cases, email – and alert you when your food is done or close to being done. With an ambient probe, you’ll be able to monitor the temperature inside the grill as well.

Furthermore, most apps will let you create graphs and logs of your cook, so you can pore over them at a later date and learn how to improve for the next time. Some apps even let you share these graphs on social media, along with pictures and recipes from your cookout.

Durability and Weatherproofness

Whenever possible, look for the highest-quality, most-durable WiFi thermometer you can get your hands on – for obvious reasons. If it has a durable rubber casing on the outside, fantastic; if it’s made of metal, even better.

It’ll also preferably be waterproof. Some thermometers will be IP-rated for waterproofness, impact-resistance and dustproofness, but most will just be splashproof and weatherproof. You want your thermometer to withstand both bad weather and accidental drops and spills.

Does It Control The Pit Temperature, Too?

Knowing the precise temperature your meat sits at (down to within +/- 1F) is great, but it’s even better to be able to adjust the smoker/grill accordingly. Some WiFi thermometers are able to control blower fans, and often have PID to automatically adjust itself to how your smoker responds.

How Accurate Is It?

Most WiFi Thermometers have probes that accurate to about +/- 1F of real temperature. You might find a few high-end models that are rated to within .7F, while others may only be within 2F. But the more accurate, the better. Also pay attention to the temperature range that it is capable of reading accurately; many can go from -40F or below up to 572F.

How Many Probes Can It Work With?

Finally, how many temperature probes is your WiFI thermometer capable of handling? Most have 4 to 6 channels, allowing you to use any combination of ambient and food probes, but some only have 2 or 3.