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Published on February 7, 2020 | Updated on February 14, 2022 | by Samantha

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If you’re serious about sweet seafood, there is nothing sweeter than to enjoy a meal made with Argentinian red shrimp. Tossed in a salad or served over pasta, there is no limit to how these jumbo-sized treats can be enjoyed. If you like great-tasting shrimp on your table, here are some excellent ideas that will tempt you even further.

What’s so different about Argentinian red shrimp?

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Most shrimp are pinkish-red when they’re cooked but for these meaty morsels of the South Atlantic, they display a vivid red color from the day that they’re caught. It’s more common to see grayish-blue shrimp and prawns, yet for the Argentinian red shrimp; they’ll naturally sport this color proudly, making them a distinct catch for the region where they thrive. Most people think they’re already cooked even though they haven’t been cooked yet.

Another interesting fact about these shrimp is their overall taste since this happens to be a lot closer to a lobster-like flavor than typical jumbo shrimp. Because they originate from the southern coast of Argentina, their diet gives them lots of texture that is firm and somewhat snappy. They also grow to be at least 8-inches long from head to tail. On average, a shelled and peeled shrimp is around 3 to 4 inches long, which is similar to most jumbo prawns.

These shrimp are naturally low in calories and are excellent for anyone on a diet. Amazingly, only a serving size worth 100 grams is just 90 calories and only one gram of fat, but you do have to watch your cholesterol. The natural vitamins, minerals, acids, and oils that are found in red shrimp are incredibly healthy. Suffice to say that your energy levels will increase with all the Vitamin B12 and Zinc found in them.

What kinds of recipes do Argentinian red shrimp go best with?

Argentinian red shrimp cooked in Pan

As mentioned before, there is no rule on how you can cook Argentinian red shrimp. They can be boiled, fried, seared, barbecued, pan-cooked, grilled, air fried, roasted, cooked in soup, sautéed, steamed, cooked in sous vide, or cooked over a campfire. Obviously, the most popular method to cook these shrimp is by sautéing them in garlic and butter. No doubt that butter and garlic are two ingredients that increase the buttery flavor of these shrimp.

There are countless recipes online that also feature cooking methods for this species of shrimp. If you can imagine them stuffed into a Po Boy sandwich, they even have a recipe for that. And because Argentinian red shrimp is so easy to buy, even Trader Joe’s is selling packages of uncooked frozen red shrimp in their freezer section. If you’re big on shrimp salad with avocado, here’s a great recipe you’ll want to try out. We also like working them into a chimichurri bean soup.

Of course, the best idea is shrimp cocktails that always look festive and are just as tasty. You don’t have to worry about Argentinian red shrimp being seasonal, since the harvesting season runs from mid-May through October. Most of the frozen raw shrimp is processed and frozen immediately so there is a ready supply nearly all year round. You’ll find that processed red shrimp are de-shelled and deveined, making them ready to cook right away.

Customer Reviews on Trader Joe’s Argentinian Shrimp…

These are absolutely WONDERFUL! And the fact they are peeled and deveined makes them even better (if that’s possible). Thank you TJ’s
Good and excellent value. Sometimes hard to find
These are good, but I sometimes find an assortment of sizes in one bag
Sea food lover, shrimp lover, you can cook with salad, entree, and more with this in your freezer.
A friend introduced me to these little hummers and the second time I went to get some they didn’t have them.. so now that I am hooked I have to visit TJ’s more often so I can be one of the first to grab a bag..
Tan Ya
Plump and Flavorful! Made pad thai and alfredo w/this last bag I bought!
I grab several bags whenever I see them, because they seem to sell out whenever they come in. Best tasting shrimp on earth.
Nancy Keeler
These fooled me when I first saw them. Because of their pink color I thought for sure they were already cooked. But I took the label to heart and sauteed them in butter and garlic. Stand back Delilah, they were delicious!
These shrimp are awesome, and the only downside is that I think that they are seasonal, and TJ’s usually only has them in for a very short time. I got two bags one week, and then the next week I didn’t see them in the freezer. I just love these shrimp, probably some of the best shrimp I have had. The texture is awesome. Very tender, not chewy at all. Mmmmm!
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